Flamenco Fashion

Get dressed with art

In Seville, you’ll discover an extensive network of stores where you can buy costumes and accessories linked to the world of flamenco, made with the same care and dedication as they were centuries ago. 

Folk Fashion

Did you know that the flamenco dress is the only regional clothing that evolves according to fashion?  It is, so to speak, a folk costume that doesn’t renounce glamor, and every year is renewed with the contributions of excellent designers from the flamenco fashion industry.  The combination, you’ll see, is absolutely irresistible.

Many people come from all over the world to acquire these costumes and wear them at traditional parties or on special occasions.  The general opinion is that the flamenco dress, with its sophistication, visibility, and silhouette, shines like few other dresses can.

The accessories, made to enhance the dress, also have these qualities: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, shawls, shoes, flowers, combs, etc.

SIMOF: The International Flamenco Fashion Show

Every year at the beginning of February, Seville celebrates the SIMOF International Flamenco Fashion Show at FIBES, a flamenco design industry event that attracts the attention of the whole country.  This singular fashion contest, unique in the world, marks the trend for the dresses that will be worn on the popular and spontaneous footbridge of the Feria de Abril in Seville.

Every year, SIMOF marks the new trends in Flamenco fashion

The beauty of the beads

The shawls are a widely used garment in Seville at special events.  We see them not only at the Feria or in the Maestranza, but also at many other social events.
 One of the most-used traditional elements is, without a doubt, the fan. Many hand-painted designs are small works of art.
And, finally, marvel at all the accessories that will highlight your flamenco look: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, shawls, shoes, flowers or combs.


Ángeles Verano

C/ Blanca de los Ríos, 4 +34 954 560 279 www

Aurora Gaviño

C/ Blanca de los Rios, 1 +34 954 215 514 www

Elena Bernal

C/ Sierpes, 59 +34 954 226 138


C/ Lineros, 17 +34 954 211 382 www

Micaela Villa

Plazas Jesus de la Pasión, 2 | C/ Francos, 21 606 937 437 | 639 196 029 www

Pitusa Gasul

C/ Chapineros, 1 +34 954 234 149 www

Raquel Terán

C/ Francos, 6 +34 954 215 829