Spanish Guitar

"Musician, Master"

In Seville, the art of the guitar is very alive, as it respects teachers and master luthiers.  You wouldn’t expect any different in the city of Flamenco.

Soundtrack of your strolls

Strolling through Seville in search of guitar shops can prove to be a doubly special experience.  In fact, many street performers wrap the streets of the historical district with the sounds of their guitars.  The quality of our luthiers and their wonderful shops complete this unique shopping experience.

The leit motif of your route through the guitar shops will be those chords that float through the air, highlighting your experience of the city.

That’s right, Seville sucks you in from the beginning with the art of flemenco, and of course, with its essential instrument: the guitar.




A city in love with the guitar

The International Guitar Festival is held in Seville each year, an event honouring this instrument with the presence of famous Spanish guitarists, whether classical or flamenco.  And of course, the Flamenco Biennial, which brings together the best flamenco guitarists every two years.

Seville’s different festivals give the guitar a leading role.

Shopping with soul

At the end of this article, we will provide a list of establishments that are worth knowing for the quality of their products.

We warn you, it is very easy to fall in love with the guitars made by these master craftsmen in their workshops and feel the urge to buy one for yourself.  Don’t feel bad, you wouldn’t be the first person who succumbed to the magic of the guitar in their journey and learned to play our most noble instrument with soul.

In the heart of Santa Cruz, you can visit the Casa de la Guitarra.  A multifunctional space with the guitar as its theme, this interpretation centre has become the first guitar museum in Spain.


Para tener en cuenta...

  1. La primera obra para guitarra de cuatro órdenes fue publicada en 1546 en Sevilla por Alonso Mudarra .
  2. La guitarra española puede ser básicamente de dos tipos: guitarra clásica y guitarra flamenca
  3. La Casa de la Guitarra fue elegida en 2015 como uno de los 10 mejores museos de España por los viajeros de TripAdvisor.

Tiendas especializadas

Francisco Solís Guitarras

C/ Cataluña, 56 +34 954 870 430 www

Guitarras Antonio Bernal

C/ Hernando del Pulgar, 20 +34 954 582 679 www

Guitarras Cayuela

C/ Zaragoza, 4 +34 954 224 557 www

Guitarras de artesanía José Luis Postigo

C/ Hernando Colón, 34 +34 954 213 815 www