Semana Santa in Seville

Passion and Mystery

Semana Santa, or Easter Holy Week, is both a demonstration of religiosity and an artistic and ethnographic show presenting the greatest achievements of our city’s sculpture and crafts.

When the works of art are taken to the streets

This event highlights both spiritual and cultural emotions, as well as admiration for the works of art. Each step shows you works by formidable sculptors, from the Baroque era to present day.

The scenes you can see in the streets of Seville will seem immutable in time. This is one of the things that most often attracts the attention of all people who discover Semana Santa: the sensation of traveling through the centuries.


The procession is carried through the city centre

The entourage that accompanies these icons is mainly led by the Nazarenes, whose faces are covered as a sign of penitence. These processions run through the centre of the city, from it church to the Cathedral, completing the so-called “Carrera Oficial”, and providing fabulous moments full of details until late at night. The largest historical area in Spain is filled this week with the coming and going of the church brotherhoods (cofradias).

Procession of 54 brotherhoods through Seville’s Semana Santa

A city filled with mystique

Some processions are silent, while others are filled with a passionate fervor. For example, the solemn experience that you get when watching the Gran Poder is very different from the overflowing emotion that La Macarena will provide.

The streets of Seville are as lively as ever. Enjoy a stroll filled with the scent of orange blossoms and incense that float through the air.

The city is specially decorated for this time of year for the passage of the brotherhoods, and also for the thousands of visitors.

In Seville, Semana Santa is, in short, a phenomenon that was born long ago that, for different reasons, has remained extraordinarily faithful in modern times. It is a shocking experience, always surprising and will stir feelings inside you, whether you are religious or not. It is not to be missed.

Para tener en cuenta...

  1. Los costaleros son los grupos de voluntarios, hermanos de la cofradía, que llevan los pasos.
  2. Las saetas son emocionantes cantes flamencos que se dedican a las imágenes desde los balcones.
  3. La Semana Santa de Sevilla está declarada Fiesta de Interés Turístico Internacional.
  4. Bandas de música y bandas de cornetas y tambores acompañan a un gran número de pasos.
  5. Las marchas procesionales constituyen en sí un género musical con algunas obras sublimes.