The Bohemian Alameda

A different kind of night in Seville

The night in Seville wouldn’t be the same without the Alameda, a neighbourhood that is continuously being renewed.  At any moment, you can find places full of imagination and different styles.

Where history and the avant-garde attract

The Alameda de Hércules is not only the oldest public park in Europe, it is also the most popular leisure area in the city.
A large pedestrian area full of bars and restaurants with different personalities, frequented by tourists and students from around the world.

Like London’s Soho or Barcelona’s Raval, the Alameda in Seville is a fantastic mix of historical places, creative spaces, multi-cultural offerings and life, lots of nightlife.

It was in this area where Andalusian rock music was born, a unique style in the history of music.


A legendary space

The artistic current that flows through the Alameda will surely foment your creative side, and why not? Your more transgressive side as well. This feeling is very present in this neighbourhood. Without going any further, worldwide legends of music have been forged in its vicinity: such as Jesus de la Rosa, leader of the mythical group, Triana.

En esta zona nació el rock andaluz, un estilo único en la historia de la música.

There is room for all kinds of music in the Alameda.

Bars where you can enjoy jazz, dance to alternative pop-rock, enjoy mythical concert halls, or explore electronic music.  Everything is possible in the Alameda. 

But this large space also serves as an urban setting for a multitude of outdoor art activities, numerous music festivals, and cultural and thematic events, making it a lively place, 365 days a year. 

The Alameda is made to live life intensely.

Para tener en cuenta...

1. Two imposing Roman columns welcome you to the Alameda.
2. A cinema, a theatre and various halls add to the leisure offerings.
3. The Alameda also hosts multiple open-air events and activities.