Papas aliñás

A delicious summer tapa

With a few humble potatoes and little else, this treat is made in Seville as a traditional homemade recipe, the “papas aliñás”.  A popular tapa that is artistic, fresh, tasty and easy to make, its surprising taste lies in its simplicity and the variety of complements that each family or establishment add to their taste and custom.

Papas  aliñás


New potatoes (Papas is the original name, and how we name this potato dish in Seville)
Onion or scallions
Fresh parsley
Salt (fine or sea salt)
Olive oil (best if extra virgin)
Wine vinegar.
Optional, to taste or as a good side dish: chopped hard-boiled egg, tuna, 1 good chopped tomato and/or chopped green pepper along with the onion.


Boil the potatoes, washed and with skin.  When done, cool a little and peel.  Cut into thick slices and then halves or in blocks.
Cut the onion or scallion into thin rings or strips. Toss everything in a bowl with care and while still lukewarm, sprinkling with finely chopped parsley.
Add the oil, a little vinegar, chopped tomato and salt to taste.  Stir softly with a ladle.
Garnish or complete with chopped hard-boiled egg and pieces of tuna, mackerel or Almadraba melva.  Serve not too cold.

Interesting restaurants

Antigua Abaceria de San Lorenzo

C/ Teodosio, 53 954 38 00 67 www ver mapa

Bar Gran Tino

Plaza de la Alfalfa,14 954 21 08 83 ver mapa

El Portón

C/ General Polavieja, 20 954 21 40 72 ver mapa


C/ Luis de Montoto, 54 954 42 41 53 ver mapa

Las Golondrinas

C/ Antillano Campos,16 954 33 26 16 www ver mapa

Mesón Don Raimundo

C/ Argote de Molina, 26 954 22 33 55 www ver mapa


C/ Cano y Cueto, 5 954 41 68 11 www ver mapa


C/ San Fernando,41 954 22 72 54 www ver mapa

Ostrería La Mar

C/Génova, 1 954 28 50 32 ver mapa